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We started Capital Dynamics in 1999 with the vision of establishing a hallmark in private asset management.

We strive to deliver success to our investment partners through customized investment strategies, rigorous processes, in-depth portfolio and risk management and local knowledge of global markets.

Headquartered in Switzerland, with offices in London, New York, Zug, Beijing*, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Sao Paulo, Birmingham (UK), Seoul, Munich, Brisbane, Shanghai* and Scottsdale, the Capital Dynamics team combines solid investment capabilities and innovative portfolio and risk management with local insights. Through this interactive exchange of knowledge with our fund managers and clients, we capture the exciting opportunities that lead to solid investments and superior returns.

* Capital Dynamics China is a legally separate
company operating under a strategic cooperation
with Capital Dynamics.

David Woolford - Board - Company - Capital Dynamics

David Woolford, Managing Director