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Understanding your unique goals is our passion. Delivering the right opportunities and solutions is our sole objective.

Capital Dynamics is an independent, global asset manager, investing in private equity and clean energy infrastructure. We manage investments through a broad range of products and opportunities including separate account solutions, investment funds and structured private equity products.

Our commitment to exceeding your expectations forms the core of our relationships. Let us be your bridge to the exciting world of private assets.

Capital Dynamics comprises Capital Dynamics Holding AG and its affiliates.

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  • Capital Dynamics' Northern Ireland wind farm kicks off operations
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Sandro Galfetti - Board - Company - Capital Dynamics

Sandro Galfetti, Director

Capital Dynamics has learned that its name and logo may have been misappropriated and used in an unauthorized manner in the United States in connection with the purported provision of personal loans. Capital Dynamics is an asset manager that invests in private equity and clean energy and infrastructure, and has no retail investors. For the avoidance of doubt, Capital Dynamics is not in the business of undersigning personal loans of any kind, under any circumstances. If you think you have been the victim of fraud, please contact your local law enforcement agency.