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Global Secondaries Summit

The summit offers a platform to explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunties in the secondary market, including deal sourcing, pricing dynamics, fund structures, and regulatory considerations. With a diverse range of speakers from leading financial institutions, investors, and advisors, participants can gain valuable insights, forge strategic partnerships, and enhance their understanding of ever-evolving landscape of global secondaries. 

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Thursday, September 28th, 2023 from 11:05 am BST

Mauro Pfister, Managing Director, Secondaries

LP transactions: has the "comeback" continued?

  • Analysing the last year in the LP market
  • How is the market reacting in 2023? Big discounts?
  • What reserves do LPs require in 2023?
  • Where are LPs seeing the most opportunity?
  • How to be competitive in this market and generate returns?
  • What are LPs' motives for selling today?
  • What impact is rising inflation having? Is general liquidity drying up?
  • Are LPs overallocated to private capital?