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How to Make the U.S. Lower Middle Market Accessible to European Private Credit Investors

Capital Dynamics Educational Private Credit Webinar

Jens Ernberg, Managing Director and Co-head of the Private Credit team, together with Jan Löckenhoff, Senior Analyst, and Jochen Schweizer, Head of Business Development, both at CreditReform Rating AG, discuss an efficient investment grade securitization solution for European investors to get access to attractive U.S. Lower Middle Market Private Credit opportunities.

Jens covers Capital Dynamics’ alternative solution for European investors investing in one of the most attractive segments of the U.S. corporate direct lending market, while CreditReform explains how they typically go about their analysis on these type of ratings. 

The main topics covered are:

 · Investment Opportunity: U.S. Lower Middle Market corporate direct lending market (Private Equity sponsored)

· Efficient solutions for European investors (fund structures, FX Hedging, securitization, investment grade rating)

· CreditReform: overview of rated note structures and underlying rating methodologies

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