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Michigan Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems 2022 Spring Conference

We are excited to attend the Michigan Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems 2022 Conference and share our insight as to what we are seeing in the secondaries market. Make sure to stop by Concurrent Session A on Monday, May 23rd at 1:00 pm to hear Joseph Marks, Senior Managing Director and Head of Secondaries, discuss some of the key benefits of the secondaries market such as: strong cash flow and J-curve mitigation, enhanced diversification properties, and opportunistic investment timing, as well as explain how investors seeking increased liquidity versus traditional private equity, at a moderate risk, may benefit from investing in secondaries funds. Because secondaries, unlike other strategies, can capitalize on quickly changing markets and value creation opportunities that may exist throughout the market cycle we expect to see continued outperformance of private equity versus public equity in the long-term.

For more information on the event, please see here.