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Room151’s LGPS Private Markets Forum 2023

Room151 brings you an industry-curated programme to help you navigate the intricacies of private markets investments. With first-hand insight from your LGPS peers and renowned managers, this is a key forum for anyone interested in private markets.

This year, the conference will be exploring a wide range of issues, including asset allocation trends, sustainability and impact investing as well as deep dives into a range of asset classes including private debt, infrastructure, private equity and much more.

Barney Coles, Managing Director and Co-Head of the Clean Energy team, will participate in the following panel:

"Net Zero opportunities in private markets – reporting, additionality and market conditions"

Private markets are undoubtedly a key pillar for net zero impact as well as Paris-alignment, but questions around data, reporting, and accessing opportunities remain. Where are the best energy transition opportunities and what does greening assets across private markets look like?

To learn more about the event, visit here