Direct Co-Investment Funds

Capital Dynamics co-invests directly in individual assets alongside reputable general partners (GPs) through the firm’s co-investment program. Our firm’s dedicated co-investment team has relationships with top quartile managers and sources transactions from a network of over 350 GPs1. We believe that these relationships have been, and continue to be, at the heart of what makes successful co-investments possible.

Capital Dynamics focuses on mid-market companies, primarily in the energy/power, technology/business services, consumer, healthcare, financial services and industrials sectors. Our firm’s local knowledge and risk management capabilities help the co-investment team identify and secure attractive investment opportunities that provide clear exit routes, while intelligent post-investment monitoring supports the team’s service-oriented focus.


What is co-investment?

Co-investments are direct investments in a company made alongside and on the same terms as a lead GP. GPs strategically invite trusted LPs to co-invest, often based on the LP's ability to add value or when the amount of capital required to complete an attractive transaction is larger than they are able to invest alone.

1. Data as of October 31, 2017 and subject to change.

*For informational purposes only. Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any security, or a recommendation or advice about an investment.