Responsible Investing


We take our commitment to responsible investing very seriously. Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) principles have been implemented throughout our business and investment process. Our investment analysis, every investment decision and our post-investment process all deliver on our promise to ensuring that ESG principles are met. 

Our principles


We understand that everything we do has an impact on our environment and making investment decisions is no exception. It is our job to identify and steer away from any investments that pose threats to our environment.


We are committed to taking care of our employees and our neighbors. We promise our employees a healthy and safe working environment and engage with partners and make investments in firms that share this promise. We believe that taking care of each other is essential, which is why we support charities with this vision.


Corporate governance plays a vital role in the success of a company. We are committed to addressing and resolving any internal weaknesses or failures on a continual basis. We hold our partners and firms that we invest in to the same high standards that we set for ourselves.

Capital Dynamics ensures compliance with applicable local laws and regulations; however if more stringent international standards exist, we strive to implement them as best practice.



Capital Dynamics was an early signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) in 2008 and was actively involved in creating the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association’s (BVCA) responsible investing guidelines. We continue to value and support Limited Partner initiatives that focus on creating broadly-accepted responsible investing standards. 


Strategy and implementation

All of our employees play a key role in how we operate, which is why we encourage every single team member, regardless of expertise, to continuously assess ESG risks. We also help our clients, GPs, LPs and other market participants to develop and implement their own responsible investing principles.

Each investment opportunity is evaluated from an ESG perspective, which is an important factor in our decision-making process.  We will only pursue an investment opportunity if the ESG reports provided meet reporting standards, such as the ESG Disclosure Framework for Private Equity. All investments are carefully managed by our investment managers and Portfolio Servicing team to ensure adherence to such principles. 

Our dedicated ESG team conducts annual reviews on our responsible investing principles to ensure they remain current and in line with global responsible investing standards.